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@BELFASTCITY_AIR why thank you - the sun does wonders for us 😊

@BELFASTCITY_AIR There we are 😍

We can't wait to see this!! Might spot a few familiar locations 🧐 https://t.co/PjQSeJa7Ta


Dock Cafe World Map - Where Are You From?

Dock Cafe World Map - Where Are You From?

16th September, 2016

Since the start of August we’ve been asking our international visitors to put their push-pins on the map to tell us where they are from.  Amazing to see that in a few weeks we’ve had visitors from every continent and corner of the world.  The volunteers often have a chance to chat to customers while they are using the map - they almost always express a desire to see something like the Dock in their part of the world -  it’s great to hear how the impact of the Dock is spreading all across the globe!


More info and pics here:  http://www.the-dock.org/blog/2016/fabulous-far-flung-folks-dock-cafe/